Detect Cronobacter, Salmonella and Enterobacteriaceae in one reaction

Infant 3 is optimal for screenings of dry infant formulas,
semimanufactures and milk ingredients (e.g. milk powders,
lactose, permeate, whey protein), or environmental swabs.

Infant 3 uses standard pre-enrichment of sample in buffered
peptone water (optimally including vancomycin).
Infant 3 can be used with the optional Live-Only treatment,
if only live bacteria should be detected.

Infant 3 is supplied with an easy-to-use DNA extraction
method. Alternatively, direct input qPCR is possible for some
sample types (no DNA extraction needed).

Infant 3 runs in 96-well format, and all steps are optimized
for easy handling. This makes Infant 3 optimal for
high-throughput sceenings.

Ensure a high level of safety in your production of infant
formula, by implementing Infant 3, a time and cost-saving
system for Cronobacter spp., Salmonella spp. and
Enterobacteriaceae detection.


Product Sheet

Easy and fast workflow

Sample enrichment 18h

Sample incubated in BPW
at 37 degree Celcius

Live-Only treatment

Optional live-Only
treatment for detection bacteria only

DNA extraxtion

Optional Easy DNA
extraxtion protocol


Run Infant 3 program


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