Fast diagnostics since 1992

DNA Diagnostic A/S is a privately owned Danish biotech company founded in 1992, specialized in the development of PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) and qPCR (Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction), test kits for food safety, animal and human health care.

Since the first launch of our leukemia test kit (HemaVision), we have expanded our product portfolio to include test kits for food safety and veterinary care. Whether it is about food safety, veterinary or human health care, we believe that the world deserves fast, cost effective and reliable diagnostics.

Our vision is to improve global food safety and diagnostics for leukemia patients by developing and producing fast and easy qPCR kits. We strive for the market leading position within fast and easy qPCR testing for food safety, veterinary and human health care diagnostics.

DNA Diagnostic A/S is certified in accordance with the ISO 13485. The Hemavision products are CE IVD marked and has been assigned a Free Sales Certificate on RT-qPCR HemaVision kits and RT-PCR HemaVision kits. The Salmonella Velox product is NordVal Certified and Listeria Velox product is NordVal Certified


In 2023, Listeria Velox, the world's fastest test for Listeria spp. and or L. monocytogenes, obtained certification (NordVal International).

In 2022, we launched the Lacti Range, a range of qPCR tests for milk quality at dairies, with the ability to test for live bacteria only.

In 2020 - 2022 we aided in the Covid-19 pandemic, by offering both qPCR and Antigen kits for the detection of Covid-19.

In 2018 - 2019 we launched Infant 3, a qPCR test kit for Cronobacter spp., Enterobacteriaceae, and Salmonella spp. in infant formula-related products, as well as a range of qPCR kits for animal health; Enterit 4 Swine, Enterit 4 Cows, Salmonella 4 Cows and ParaTB.

In 2017 we launched TBC 4, a qPCR test kit for screening of total bacterial count in milk, and Pneumo 4, a qPCR test kit for detection of bacterial and viral pathogens in animal infections, e.g. Pneumonia.

In 2016, Salmonella Velox, the world's fastest certified Salmonella test, was launched and obtained certification (NordVal International)

2014’s highlights included achieving ISO 13485 certification and launching Mastit-4, a fast milk qPCR test for pathogens associated with Mastitis.

In 2013, we began work on the Metagenome project supported by Højteknologifonden.

2012 was an exciting year. We launched our HemaVision Q-series and also completed the successful sale of the Oligonucleotide production to BioSearch Technologies. At the same time, we changed name from DNA Technology A/S to DNA Diagnostic A/S.

In 2008, we commenced the production and sale of our Salmonella-12 solution.

2001 saw the launch of our innovative HemaVision kits and we achieved ISO 9001 certification in 2004.

DNA Diagnostic was founded in 1992 as Oligonucleotide production and sales. In 1995, we started specializing in DNA sequencing, cloning, etc.

Better diagnostics is of great importance. It helps the food industry, labs, and other clinical professionals to make more accurate decisions on a daily basis.
We invest all our professional knowledge and experience in developing the best and most user friendly test tools imaginable.