IDF Mastitis conference 2019

Thursday, May 9, 2019
Meet us at IDF Mastitis conference in Copenhagen on May 14th to 16th 2019 and learn more of what we can offer you within milk quality and animal health.
World class qPCR assays – the fastest way to accurate results.
Get better milk quality and high production. use Mastit 4 to find contagious pathogens,
Optimize prevention and reduce antibiotic use.
Chronic infections with para TB reduce production use Para TB test to find the right cows cull. To remove new infection use Salmonella 4 cows to cull chronic shedders.
Optimize process for collection and handling at the laboratory.
Learn more please contact Jørgen Katholm on cell +45404173 96 or Jogvan Houmann on +4527582702.

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