World’s fastest test for Salmonella expands!

Thursday, September 16, 2021
For years, Salmonella Velox has been the world’s fastest certified method for detecting Salmonella spp. in foods, with a sample to result time of just 5,5 hours, including enrichment. Salmonella Velox is NordVal certified for the additional sample types; Environmental and Primary Production samples.

EU efforts to eliminate S. Enteritidis and S. Typhimurium in poultry, has lead DNA Diagnostic to expand Salmonella Velox, allowing you to differentiate the two serotypes.

Short time enrichment of Salmonella is ensured by the specialized Salmonella Velox Broth. Followed by a 96 deepwell-based extraction protocol, optimal for high throughput analysis, and a fast, sensitive and highly specific qPCR reaction.

Choose to detect S. spp or S. Enteritidis/Typhimurium by interchangeable qPCR mixes.

Separate Enrichment and DNA Extraction protocols for: 1) Food, 2) Primary Production and 3) Fecal-matter.

Nordval certificate for Salmonella SE+ST