Salmonella 4 cows

The salmonella 4 cows kit is a fast, low-cost and easy to use method for the detection of Salmonella spp. and Dublin, directly from feces samples, swabs from feces/rectum, or swabs from the environment (e.g. boot swabs).
The Salmonella 4 cows kit contains material for Fecal/Swab DNa extraction using a simple 96 deepwell-based extraxtion protocol (alternatively using single tubes) and qPCR mix pre-aliquoted in 8-strip tubes fitting your instrument.
Sample protocols for:
Fecal samples directly
Sarstedt faces tubes
eNAT swabs from faces/enviroment/rectum
(ambienttemperature stable for 3 days - easy sampling and transport
enviromental swabs (e.g. Boot swabs)
The entire protocol from DNA extraxtion to result can be carried out in as little as 3 hours for 96 samples.

Product Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

Easy and fast workfolw

DNA extraction

Inhibitors removed
and Salmonella lysed


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S4CB / 384 tests for the detection of Salmonella Dublin and Salmonella species
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