Results within 15 minutes

Our CE/IVD-marked, antigen-based COVID-19 test kit for screening of coronavirus gives you the result within 15 minutes. Onsite.

Furthermore, itís inexpensive, easy to use, easy to store and requires no specialist equipment or machinery Ė making it the perfect choice, if you canít wait for days for the results and/or if you need to test often to stay ahead of the virus. This is e.g. relevant if you arrange big events like music concerts or soccer matches and if you want to test your employees regularly to keep the production up and running.

Antigen detection is widely used around the world, e.g. in airports, ferry terminals, schools, industries etc.

Safety, health and economy

Uncertainty and doubt have become an unavoidable part of our new COVID-19 world. With antigen detection, you are however able to:
  • Ensure your employeesí safety and health
  • Keep the company and the production up and running
  • Give your customers/visitors peace of mind in difficult times
  • Act responsible and be an example to follow

If safety is the ambition, frequency is the answer

We believe that frequent testing is the key to keeping COVID-19 in check.

Our antigen-based COVID-19 test is nearly as sensitive as the golden standard, PCR-test (The coincidence rate is 96%).

With frequent testing you level out the difference. Instead of relying on day old tests, you get the results of today. Instead of a picture of a personís COVID-19 status 72 hours ago you get a picture from 15 minutes ago.

For some companies the right way may be to test everybody 2-3 times pr. week, and with antigen detection thatís easy to implement in the workdays.

Learn more about antigen- and PCR-testing in the video below.
PCR- and antigen-tests complement each other in the COVID-19- tool box. In this video we explain the differences and the arguments for each type of test.

Workflow in brief


Dispense all of the buffer into the extraction tube.

STEP 2 & 3

Perform a nasal swap. Insert swap in the extraction tube. Close the tube with the drip lid.


Add 3 drops onto the Detection Card.


Wait 15 minutes for the result. One band means negative. Two bands mean positive.

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