Only detects live bacteria

Milk quality is one of the most crucial factors in dairy production. Insight into the critical bacteria in your milk at reception enables fast decision-making on milk usage and appropriate payment to suppliers.
Lacti Range also identifies remaining post-pasteurized, surviving thermoduric bacteria to minimize risks of spoilage in long-term storage products and helps to determine which milk is best for specific products

By using our fast and accurate diagnostics, with rapid test results in just 3.5 hours, you minimize expenses, create less waste, optimize milk usage and avoid production downtime. The Lacti Range streamlines production and delivers high value for money.


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ISO 13485

Easy and fast workflow


Removal of free DNA/dead bacteria

DNA extraction

0.5 ml samples are pelleted and directly lysed for DNA extraction


Run Lacti Range program


LM4T / 384 tests for detection of Streptococcus Spp., Enterobacteriaceae/Enterococcus &
Bacillus/Clostridia Spp.

LM4H / 384 tests for detection of Streptococcus Spp.,Enterococcus, Bacillus Spp., & Clostridia Spp.

LM4J / 384 tests for detection of Paenibacillus, E. Coli, Micrococcus & Lactobacillus plantarum.p.

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