Journal of Integrative Agriculture

Evaluation of a new qPCR test to identify the organisms causing high bacterial count in bulk tank milk

Accepted for publishing in Journal of Integrative Agriculture 2018, 2

SOURCE: Jørgen Katholm, DNA Diagnostic A/S, Risskov Denmark. Lene Trier Olesen, ARLA Foods amba, Viby Denmark. Anders Petersen, DNA Diagnostic A/S, Risskov Denmark. Snorri Sigurdsson, SEGES, Aarhus N Denmark.
ABSTRACT: Milk quality in bulk tank milk (BTM) is measured by flow cytometry technology as total bacterial count (TBC) and somatic cell count (SCC). To investigate SCC problems, culture or PCR can be used to identify mastitis causing bacteria, e.g. Mastit 4 a commercially available qPCR test. TBC in BTM can be investigated further using culture-based methods such as standard plate count, laboratory pasteurization count, coliform count and spore count. To our knowledge, no qPCR addressing the bacteria involved in TBC has commercially introduced. the aim of this study is to evaluate a recently introduced 3-h qPCR test, TBC 4. The TBC 4 qPCR detects four targets groups

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TBC 4 a new qPCR test

Evaluation of the new qPCR test to specify reasons behind total bacterial count in bulk tank milk

SOURSE: S. Sigurdsson, SEGES, Skejby Denmark. Lene Trier, ARLA Foods amba, Viby Danmark. A. Pedersen and J. Katholm DNA Diagnostic A/S Risskov Denmark
ABSTRACT: To ensure the quality of raw milk Total Bacterial Count (TBC) and Somatic Cell Count (SCC) is tested in samples from Bulk Tank Milk (BTM). There has been a long tradition to use culture of BTM samples to identify different bacteria causing high SCC in milk. Also qPCR tests ex. Mastit 4 can be used to detect mastitis bacteria in BTM.

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