Salmonella in milk

Gastrointestinal infection with different Salmonella species or Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Dublin (S. Dublin) is prevalent in many cattle herds worldwide. It causes increased morbidity, mortality and production losses. Even though it is host-adapted, S. Dublin occasionally causes human infections that tend to be severe due to the invasive nature of this infection.

Controlling S. Dublin in Cattle herds require intervention to minimize the bacterial spread.
See our Salmonella 4 cows fecal samples for more information.

All salmonella in milk is a potential human hazard, especially for the farmers or other people that might drink unpasteurized milk.

The Salmonella in milk kit is a fast, low-cost and easy-to-use method for the detection of Salmonella species and dublin confirmation, directly from raw milk samples - bulk tank.
The sensitive detection needs a 7 hours aerobic incubation.

The Salmonella 4 cows kit contains material for milk DNA extraxtion using an easy-to-use 96 deepwell-based extraxtion protocol(alternatively using single tubes) and qPCR mit pre-aliquoted in 8-strip tubes fitting your instrument. After 7 hours of enrichment the entire protocol from DNA extraction to result can be carried out in as little as 3 hours for 96 samples.


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S4CBM / 384 analysis for the detection of Salmonella Dublin and Salmonella species in milk.
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