Detecting four main groups of bacteria causing TBC in milk

Total Bacterial Count

The TBC 4 qPCR test quantatively detects the following four bacteria in milk; Pseudomonas, Streptococci, Enterobacteriacea/Enterococcus and Bacillus/Clostridia that constitutes total bacterial count in milk.

Why monitor for TBC?

Typical challenges in farms are related to bacterial overgrowth in cooling systems, environment, production systems, mastitis and silage. Monitoring regularly with TBC4 can help you get higher throughputs, prevent disease and can be essential for your production outcome.

Advantages using the TBC 4 test kit:

  • Detection of most common problem causing bacteria in bulk tank milk
  • Prevention of disease with regular testing
  • Simultaneous detection of growth-inhibited microorganisms and all targeted bacteria in the milk sample
  • Monitoring of your cooling systems, environment, production systems
  • Accurate and sensitive testing
  • Very fast processing time - only 3 hours for results
  • Cost effective testing
  • Easy handling


Product Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
ISO 13485 Certificate

Abstracts from articles with use of TBC 4

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Easy and fast workflow

DNA extraction

0,5 ml samples are pelletred and directly lysed for DNA


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