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IVD test kits for screening of chromosome translocations associated with leukemia
HemaVision RT-qPCR
HemaVision RT-PCR
COVID-19 Antigen Detection
PCR test kits and swabs for salmonella spp. and/or Salmonella Enteriditis/Typhimurium screening in meat, poultry, fish, seafood,cocoa and infant related products
Salmonella Velox
Salmonella SE+ST
Salmonella Velox Cocoa
Infant 3
Listeria Velox

PCR test kits for mastitis bacteria screening in milk
Mastitis 4
Salmonella in Milk
Mycoplasma in milk

PCR test kit for detection of pathogens in animal infections
Pneumo 4
Enterit 4 calves
Enterit 4 swine
Salmonella 4 cows
Salmonella 4 powder

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